About US

After having had many fashion watches over the years that didn't live up to our expectations, we decided to take matters into my own hands and create the ultimate fashion watch under $ 100!

We aimed to achieve the highest quality with your support, we believe that most of your support should be spent on the quality of our watches. We aim to deliver the best quality product with the most affordable prices. The reason that we can achieve this is because we are able to ship our products to you directly. We are able to skip out the extra cost because we are able to reduce cost on shipping, rent and taxes.

Featuring water-resistant, stainless steel casing and high-quality Swiss movements, our watches are stylish, elegant, and built to last. And they do n’t just look good, they do good too. All of our watches are carefully manufactured until perfected. Quality is our main goal and we don't cut any corners to achieve it.