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Top 5 Best Android Men's Smart Watches

Top 5 Best Android Men's Smart Watches

Smart watches are the best accessory for a man. A smart watches can help in measuring and tracking your body vital metrics. In addition, you can see plenty of information on a smartwatches. If you’re looking for some quality men’s smart watches that look amazing and luxurious, but at a very affordable price, the best place is Helen Watch.

Top 5 Best Android Men's Smart Watches

Here is a quick list the top 5 Best Men's Smart Watches to choose from.

1.Intelligent Smart Watch For IOS Android

New Men Women's Smartwatch Intelligent Smart Watch For IOS Android

Featuring a rectangle design with a metal frame, this smart watches provides quick and easy access to notifications, apps, and widgets. Track your fitness, skim SMS and App messages, and more. This smart watches is compatible with most Android and iOS devices, so you only need to lift your wrist to see most of the phone messages, don't need to take out your phone and read them carefully.

Message Push Function

With Message push function, this watch will reminds you of every message from your friends and show them on the watch screen with a slight vibration to let you know.

Fitness and Health

This watch is able to track your daily steps, exerise time and sleep time with a built-in chip, different from similar watches sold on the market, with the data the watch will let you know your body more.

Super High-Capacity Battery

Super high-capacity 380mAh lithium-lon battery gives you up to 180 hours standby time amd 5 hours talking time.

2.Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear Smartwatch

This smartwatch have stainless steel surface, precision laminating process, Nano TPU85 material strap, anti-sweat matte surface treatment, ergonomic convex design and soft strap which make wearing more comfortable. And life waterproof, the smart watches surface can resist rainwater impact when you are in outdooor.

Wide Compatibility & Stable Connection

This Smart Watch adopt Bluetooth V4.0 technology to connect your phone. Up to 33ft connection range guarantees low signal delay. And this smart watch is fully compatible with all Android phones and Apple IOS phones on the market. Like IPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Huawei, HTC, Sony, LG, Google Pixel, ZTE, OPPO, XIAOMI, Motorola and so on.

Multifunction Smart Watch, Works Over Your Expectation

This smart watches very easy to connect to your smartphones and speaker phone works seemlessly. Dial via watch SIM card or Bluetooth, pedometer, sedentary remind, sleep monitoring, camera controllers, music players, and more. Once you use a smart watch, this Bluetooth watch will make your life easier and more convenient.

3.Helen Watch DZ Smart Watches

Bluetooth Smart Watches With Camera For Android Phones

This smart watches appearance vogue, extreme thin, it use a high-definition larger-screen 1.54-inch, color display clear, content display more, view more convenient. Ergonomic convex design, precision laminating process and soft strap which make the wearing of the wrist watch more comfortable.

Camera Functions

DZ smart watch built-in camera. You can freely take photo and sync your smart phone. You can use your watch to control your phone's camera, but assure your phone's camera has been switched on in advance.

Health Functions

DZ smart watch have many functions, such as pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder etc. You can carefully monitor your sleep quality and record the steps you take and count the distance to make you fully control your sports. Develop scientific habits and effectively resist sub-health.

4.1.3 Inch IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch

IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch

This smart watches use super clear display brings you a different visual experience. Show you more the mirror is made of new wear resistant glass.

With ip 67 waterproof and dustproof, you can wear it to rain, wash hands, but don't put it into hot water and not fit for swimming long time.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

This smart watches built-in 110mAh battery, working time about7 days, standby time about 15 days.

Health Monitoring

This smartwatches help you to track your immediate heart rate automatically & continuously. It also helps to monitor both the time you spend asleep and your sleep quality, assisting you in adjusting yourself in a better and healthier lifestyle.

5.Full Screen Touch Smart Watch

Full Screen Touch Smart Watch

This smart watches born for sports simple but not simple.The combination of square and round design is strong and soft. Micro-arc body design with soft TPU strap for a perfect fit Breathable wicking groove, non-slip clasp, no sense of lightness. 

This smart watches by the green optical sensor, analyze blood flow under the skin and improper heart rate in real time, Avoid excessive heart rate caused by unproper exercise.

Sport Monitor

This smart bracelet can record steps, calories and distance, so you can know your sports data,adjust your exercise program and live a healthier life.

Sleep Monitor

Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motion time every night, helping you develop good living habits.

Bluetooth Synchronization

With Bluetooth 4.1, this smart bracelet is available for smartphones with Bluetooth function.


Now that you know a little more about android Men's Smart Watches, you can see why they're such a great choice. There are a lot of quality options available, too, take some time to consider what type of android smart watches will best suit you.

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