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The best smart watch under $50

The best smart watch under $50

Hey, guys, Do you think these occasions are similar to you?

"While I was doing outdoor sports, or cycling, I always had a problem with checking the missed calls. I had to stop and take the phone out of my pockets. I was wasting time I should be spending on my passion, instead!”

" I have a bad memory, It's easy to forget where my cellphone is?"

"as a travelling lover, I'd like to record every marvellous moment during the journey ,However ,sometimes it's hard to take a selfi-photo because ma hand can't touch the button at a suitable position."

Do you have same problem? if yes, we recommend a smart watch for you.

We are pleased to introduce Ultra-Long Battery Life Smartwatch , our NEW collection for busy men and women who travel and stay active. A beautiful classic smart watch with a sleek and unique design.

Ultra-Long Battery Life Smartwatch Heart Rate and Activity Tracking:

Fistly,the smart watch can Receive one-way notifications for emails, SMS messages, and incoming phone calls as well as alerts for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Snap, Slack, and other mobile apps.

“HELENWATCH” enables controlling your devices whenever and wherever you need to act fast. HELENWATCH saves your time and lets you focus on your activity, without wasting time to grab your phone from the would no more worry about missing the important calls.

Secondly,it's Intelligent Anti-lost
The Watch will send an alarm after leaving the mobile phone in a certain distance, no need to worry about losing your phone

Thirdly,Remote Camera
Control your smartphone to take photos, catching every moment you want.that's amazing!
The best smart watch under $50
Except from functions mentioned above ,let's see why you can believe in Helenwatch?

1. Beautifully crafted timepieces
we are using the finest materials with timeless attention to detail, with a range of colors and options, the M30 is designed to be worn as an extension of your personal style. Weighing only 1.2oz (36g), and with a bright, transflective always-on 1.3" display, the Bip can be worn all day. The classic Black or the classic Red is your good choice.

2. Smart complications
we give you essential features without compromising on style: activity and sleep tracking, call reject,and more. Connected with phone will make the Helenwatch experience even more extradinary.

3. Long battery life
Use the LONGET M30 for up to 7 days on a single 2.5-hour's easy to charge once a week.

4. Sport Monitor
This smart bracelet can record steps, calories and distance, so you can know your sports data, adjust your exercise program and live a healthier life

5. Sleep Monitor
Accurately monitor total effective sleeping time and motion time every night, helping you develop good living habits

You may think about how much would it cost as it has so many advantages?

It's Fair and accessible price
We grow steadily with word of mouth and we select the best supplier for cost control. So we could offer a competitive price which is under $50 with multi-functions.

you only need to eat less steak one time, you can have a multi-function smart watch that will change your lifestyle a little bit, and make your mood deserve one smart watch:

when you get the smart watch, you may think about how does it work,I will tell you how des it work.

How does it work?

The HELENWATCH™ works like with the technology of activity tracker without displaying the information on the watch. It simply and seamlessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth to sync your data. You can use the app, to set your watch, display your daily goals and record your data to the fitness cloud.
Notes : Please charge your new device for at least 2 hours or more before the first usage, this ensures normal device boot and optimal operation.
Step 1: Please charge your new device for at least 2 hours
Step 2: Power on ( long-press 5-7 sec this button to power on )
tips : long-press button you can Switch to power on /off page , back to home
Step 3: download app ,Please search "Wearfit 1.0 " in your APP store and android market . and then download it ,and then Bind Bracelet ,(first time open APP ,click bind bracelet ) your device bluetooth ID name is “A6***”
Step 4: open bluetooth
Step 5: Data Sync ,after installing the fundo app and connrctivity successfully between phone and watch via bluetooth ,you will find the time goes with your phone.

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All characteristics in Short

● Material: Silicone strap + PC Case
● Battery: 180mAh
● Waterproof Level: IP67
● Screen Size: 1.3 Inches
● Bluetooth Version:4.0
● Android Version:4.4 and above version
● IOS Version: 8.0 and above version
● Operation: Hand touch screen
● Charging: 1.5 hours charging,2 hours charging if first use

Be compatible with Android ( Android 4.4 or above ); for iPhone ( iOS 8.0 or above )

Take action, you only need to eat less steak one time, you can have a multi-function smart watch that will change your lifestyle a little bit, and make your mood better. You deserve one smaet watch:
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The best smart watch under $50

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