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How To Use FunDo APP

How To Use FunDo APP

First, download “FunDo” APP and run it(turn on your smartphone's wi-fi capability, scan the qr code below to download the “FunDo”APP or search for "FunDo" downloads in GooglePlay or apple's APP Store).

4. Bluetooth Paring

After the installation is completed, in the "more"/ "+ add device", select

the corresponding Bluetooth name from the list (for example: QW18), and click

it connect to the corresponding bracelet. The time、 date、 language (many

language may not be supported) will automatically synchronize the mobile

phone system.

automatically synchronize the mobile phone system.

Bluetooth Remove

  1. Delete the Bluetooth on the APP
  2. Turn off the APP on the smart phone
  3. Remove the Bluetooth on the setting of the smart phone

Bluetooth automatic reconnect

When the smart bracelet reaches the Bluetooth connection range, it will

automatically reconnect the bracelet.

After install FunDo APP, you may required to fill your personal information

such as gender, weight etc. Then please connect smart bracelet via Bluetooth

(Please reference to the Bluetooth Paring Steps)

After successful connection between the bracelet and the mobile APP, the

movement data will be synchronized automatically.

FunDo APP can also be used separately from the bracelet. As an application

of mobile phone, it can realize data collection of various sports modes. The

mobile phone location service (such as GPS) can be opened in the movement, and

the real-time display of motion trajectory can be realized.


Tap to check Steps Distance/Calorie data etc.

Tap to check Steps Distance/Calorie data etc.


These five modes need to connect the bracelet to complete the data

collection and synchronize to the mobile APP in real time. Show below:

5.2 Steps、Sleep、Heart、BP、SpO2

Analysis and Report

5.3 Analysis and Report

Sports data can be Shared with friends by clicking the icon at the top right corner.


5.4 “More”—settings

The following functions can only be realized under the premise that the
mobile APP is successful.
◯ Notifications Function
Include call notification, SMS notification, application message push
such as QQ message push, "WeChat message" push and other functions.
◯ Take a photo
You can use the bracelet to control your phone to take a photo
◯ Find Device: The bracelet will be vibrate and bright screen.
◯ Sedentary and drinking water remind
Turn on this function,set the monitoring period, the bracelet can remind
you to drink water or sport at regular intervals during the prescribed time.
◯Remind Mode
It is three modes for you select:
Vibration、 Bright screen、Bright screen +Vibration
◯ Alarm clock remind
◯ Raise hand
Turn on this function, when you lifting hand to tilt the bracelet inward,
facing the wearer straight ahead, the bracelet automatically bright screen.
◯ Heart rate test
Open heart rate detection, set the detection time period, the bracelet
can detect the heart rate within the specified time.
◯ Do not disturb mode
After you open the "do not disturb mode", except alarm clock, all
notifications in the Settings are not reminded, and the bracelet will
no longer have automatic bright screen vibration reminder.
◯ About
Check the APP version, and the user can check for new version updates also


Why Bluetooth disconnected and incoming calls and messages do no remind:
1. Please keep APP and smart bracelet both turn on.
2. Please keep smart phone and smart bracelet within 8 meters.
3. There is some smart phone, will turn off APP automatically in order
to save power. In this case, please set your phone on Mobile Manger
or security center accordingly to allow APP turn on always.
4. Turn off the power saving mode.
5. When you have these problems, and not know how to set,please ask
for services online.
Note: This device not for medical use, test data just for reference.


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