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Best women's smartwatch for android 2019

Best women's smartwatch for android 2019

As a personal accessory, fashion and beauty reflect the personality and taste of a person. With the rapid rise of smart watches, more and more people choose smart watches. To be a fashionable woman, you should choose a our best women's smartwatch.

2019 Fashion Women's Smartwatch Android IOS

This women's smartwatch use 1.0 inch TFT LCD capacitive touch display and with round shape, high quality display and quick touch bring you comfortable user experience. Android system requirements 4.3 version or above, iOS 4s or above, it can support bluetooth with 4.0 version.

In addition, this smart watches has many useful features:

1.Health Monitor

This women's smartwatches has real-time heart rate measurement(Static,dynamic), Blood pressure(Timed blood pressure measurement can be set), fatigue monitor, etc.

The watch is passed through a more precise optical sensor for 24 hours of continuous measurement. Record your hear rate changes to give you a better understanding of your body.

2.Sport Record

This smart watch has multi-function sport monitoring, configure a high definition Tri-axis accelerometer to record your mileage, duration, steps and calories, sport and sleep data in 30 days are saved. Sport intelligence calculations make sports more interesting.

3.Anti-lost and Reminders

This women's smartwatches has alarm, drink reminder, sedentary reminder, incoming call reminder, break even reminder etc. Enjoy your life anytime and anywhere.

4.Mutiple Dial Selection

Multiple dial can be selected to match different moods, switch according to your mood, keep the depth to create personalized fit.

5.Women Physiological Reminder

The smart watch APP can predict and remind the physiological period, record the individual physiological cycle and predict the ovulation period, and experience it intimately.

6.Other Functions

Raise to wake, One Key Examination, Time, Remote camera, DND mode, Find the band, Wetchat movement, Reject a call on the smart band, OTA.


This is a new android smart watch with so many functions, the CPU runs at high speed and the operation runs smoothly. Elegant and exquisite color screen interface design, more colorful visual perception, suitable for women.

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