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Best Smartwatch for Kids 2019

Best Smartwatch for Kids 2019

The world of smartwatches isn't just for adults, there are a wide range of wrist-based wearables geared towards younger users, both for a bit of fun and for giving parents a sense of security.

Best Smartwatch for Kids 2019

If you’re looking for a way to track your child’s activity or keep in contact with them without investing so much cost on a cellphone, the HELEN WATCH is an excellent choice.There are a range of different features you can have: With features like GPS tracking, time management, activity tracking, messaging and voice calls and so on. A smartwatch will help you and your child stay in sync throughout the day in and day out.Let’s see why “Anti Lost Monitor Children's Smart Watch Waterproof” is the excellent choice for your children.

  1. The device connects to a parent mobile app, so you can track chores and manage behavior. And Path query in your children's historical activities by the choose the period.
  2. With built-in GPS for accurate position. It can be used to always know exactly where your kid you don’t need to worry about your children got lost.
  3. It’s waterproof designed, your children can take it even when he/she is in swimming. so you don’t have to worry about them going out and ruining their new bit of tech at the first sign of rain.
  4. On the smartwatch side, there are basic apps to keep kids entertained, including a hopscotch tracker and voice changer.
  5. There's also two-way calling and messaging, your child can get in touched with you easily. The more you call, the better relationship you two have.
  6. If there is a particular neighbourhood or area you feel they shouldn’t go, you can customize a security range, you will received message if they out of the safety zone. It’s easy to call and message.
  7. After setting SOS Family number, Contacts, Telephone numbers in the APP, kids can only receive calls from the setting numbers. Not from STRANGER!
  8. Friends function allows pairing and voice chat with friends, it’s a good way to contact with friends to strengthen relationship.
  9. Message Alert: Low-voltage remind; b. SOS remind.
    If you set the telephone number in the APP's "SMS alerts setting", you will received message when occur the above 2conditions.
  10. Notice: APP system requirements: Android 4.0 system or more, IOS 8.0 or above. Supported 2GSIMcard.

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