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Best smart watches for men in 2019

Best smart watches for men in 2019

The smart watch is the best accessory for men. The smart watch can make man more fashinable and stylish. However, It's not easy for you  to choose the right one, you should carefully consider many of factors ,such as appearance, function, etc. Below I will recommend a  stylish  and the most cost-effective smart watch for you, that's Helenwatch Waterproof Men Smartwatches.

Fitness Tracker Watch

Price: $49.89 | Up to 60% Off

6 reasons tell you why it is the best smart watches for men in 2019

1.All-day activity record

You can track and record your activities throughout the whole day and start App to see the fulfillment schedule of the daily target.

2.Information reminder

After BT connection with phone via APP, the wath will remind you timely about incoming call, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Whatapp, Skype etc message in the form of buzzer sound.

3.Better calorie burn tracking

You can know how many calories you’re really burning and use what you learn to reach your goals.

4.Walking distance

Combined with buil-in dual sen-sor, it can accurately measure your walking distance(KM) in 24 hours.

5.Alarm alert

Set the alarm clock with sports+, This smart watch will give you an alert in the form of Beeps upon reaching a prescribed time.

6.Remote camera

After BT connection with phone via APP, launch phone camera from APP, and then press S3 button as shutter to take photo. So you can take photos with smartwatch when you go outsite with friends,touch it to control your phone easily.

Best smart watches for men in 2019


Now that you know a little more about this men's smart watch, you can see why they’re such a great choice. Besides that, Helen Watch have a lot of quality options available, too, so you’ll be able to find other smart watch that’s just right for your. Know more at .

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