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Best S5 Smart Fitness Tracker Reviews

Best S5 Smart Fitness Tracker Reviews

Are you interested in buying smart fitness tracker and multifunction purposes? To make you make an ideal choice when purchasing smart fitness tracker, we will tell you about the best s5 smart fitness tracker.

Sport Smart Bracelet IP68

1. Stylish Design of Appearance

S5 smart fitness tracker have stylish design of appearance, classic rhythmic sand pattern. Wrist band has four colors optional, thermolpastic elastomer material is used, confortable to wear.

The wristband integrates the design of breathable lamp, the breathable lamp changes color as per the movement status. Cool breathable lamp not only provides a beautiful scene for sports lover in the nigh running, but also shows personality.

2. Heart Rate Monitoring

S5 smart fitness tracker can measure your heart rate all day, no matter during a break, a walk, or a recovery phase after a workout. Health and sports information can be stored in the app to see a specific metric for a period of time.

3. Visible Messages With a Wrist-lift

Facebook, Twitter, incoming calls and other messages are directly displayed and can be handled without a phone the caller’s name or number can also be shown. If you do not want to answer, you can reject calls by long press.

4. Record Step, Distance and Calorie

You can perfect record the number of steps, distances, calorie consumption, and cycle contrast data, better understand your daily movement status.

5. Blood Pressure and Oxygen Monitoring

S5 smart fitness tracker base on the pulse conduction rate technology, blood pressure and blood pxygen monitoring. Through the optical sensor of the wristband, the blood pressure and blood oxygen are measured and displayed on the screen learn the sensor, measure blood pressure, blood oxygen and dispay on the screen.

Blood oxygen is the oxygen content in the blood, the higher the oxygen content, the better human metabolism, blood oxygen is also a very important body indicator. Use s5 smart fitness tracker you can get a better understanding of your health, towards a healthy lifestyle.

6. More Sports Mode

No matter during hiking, running, cycling, mountaineering, swimming, you can always know your body state such as heart rate, calories, etc. And you can adjust the intensity of exercise to achieve better results.

7. IP68 Waterproof and Relax Swimming

S5 smart fitness tracker with ip68 waterproof grade, you don't need to worry about waterproofing. It can waterproof and wearable during 30 meters swimming , surfing. Expands more sports, life scenes.

S5 Smart Fitness Tracker Reviews

Need help keeping track of your healthy lifestyle? Need to check your heart rate periodically? Looking for a convenient way to track your blood pressure? You can do all this and much more with our s5 smart fitness tracker!

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